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The Sun moved from the fixed air sign of Aquarius into the mutable water sign of Pisces on February 18, 2022. Pisces unlike Aquarius is pliable and adaptable and often takes on the energies of the people they meet. Sometimes those with powerful connections to Pisces and/or the twelfth house are overly sensitive to their surroundings and prefer to sit back rather than become involved and overwhelmed by the sentiments of those around them. Some Pisceans tend to steer clear of adverse conditions and can be challenged when they are faced with the hard cold facts of reality.

Pisces are warm and caring individuals known for their sensitivity for others and especially those facing difficult life conditions. They are here to help and do so with the best of intensions. They are not in it for recognition or reward and their caring personalities have no limits. They are the believers and supporters as well as the victims of the Zodiac. They are gentle, sometimes illusive, and often daydreamers.

As mentioned, there are some Pisceans that do not fare well with hardship. Some resort to alcohol or drugs to try to escape bitter realities. They want nothing more than solitude and exclusion of these challenges that are a part of life.

They are the helpers of the Zodiac and give more than they take unless there are other indicators in the natal chart suggesting something contrary.

Some are musicians, writers, sculptures, and mediators and would do well working with those that request assistance. They will be found doing volunteer work, working with the underprivileged and those in mental health institutions. They have an innate understanding of the emotional trauma that others endure and truly wish to be of service.

Tomorrow, February 23, 2022, we will take a quick look at current aspects affecting Sun in Pisces.

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