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Those with their Sun sign in the element fire (Aries, Leo and Sagittarius) are enthusiastic about life and eager to make things happen. They are energetic, self-motivated, self-confident, and optimistic in their approach. They often react spontaneously and are stimulated by life. These qualities are quite common for anyone born under a fire sign or with a strong emphasis in the element fire in their birth charts.

Sagittarians are enthusiastic about life’s experience and have a love of travel and the outdoors. The wide-open spaces intrigue them, and exploration is high on their priority list.

In most cases, they are optimistic about life, and you would find them stating, even under the harshest of conditions, that “something good is just around the next corner”. Their optimism can be quite contagious. Much of this approach to life is due to their ruling planet, Jupiter.

Jupiter is an expansive energy and when linked to Sagittarius, there will be an interest in philosophy, religion, spirituality, and anything that can provide them with the opportunity to expand their horizons. Some will go to extremes to further their education, whether this education is actual schooling or the school of life. Often higher education is part of the typical Sagittarian’s goals. These individuals are open to most anything that is intriguing. They search for the truth in life through personal experience.

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