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In our Sun in Taurus Astrology post on April 20, 2020, we discussed the challenging aspects of Saturn and Uranus to those with their Sun sign in the early degrees of Taurus. In this post we will look at the more fortunate aspects taking place with those who have their Sun in Taurus in the later degrees.

Jupiter will be in a powerful and tight conjunction to Pluto from mid March to late December of 2020. They meet up several times during this time frame (late March-into April, late June into July, and most of November). These are dates when the conjunction is within 2degrees or less of being direct.

Pluto is the most powerful of the two planets involved but Jupiter will magnify or increase Pluto’s energies and add optimism, positivity, and growth into the equation. Pluto demands change and often presents itself through transformation and the regeneration of anything that needs to reach a form of death which in turn makes room for an eventual rebirth. The term death of course is rather dynamic but what it does speak of is the ending of conditions in order for something more appropriate to take its place.

Both of these planets are moving through the sign of Capricorn and the most prominent degree is between the 22 to 25 degree periods. If your Sun is in Taurus or Virgo within three to five degrees of this positioning, you will be experiencing the trine between these two planets and your Sun. The areas of life will be directly linked to the houses involved but Capricorn often has to do with business and the desire for security and structure.

Trines are favourable aspects and often indicate easy flow and opportunities for good luck and growth. You can certainly expect that transformations are in place and the way things were prior to this time will significantly change after this influence is over. This is related not only to the placement of these dynamic interactions but also due to the pandemic in our world at this time.

Mundane Astrology can be used currently with any country and its leader during this conjunction of these two energies but of course the chart itself would have to be delineated along with its leader.

On a personal note, you will have to look deep into your own chart as well as any other transits and progressions at this time. A solar chart will provide you with confirmation and a deeper reflective look at what will unfold over this upcoming year.

In many cases, this can bring about positive changes as well as disruptive energies to many of us on some level. Take into considerations all the outer transiting planets to your own chart as well as close pertinent aspects from the progressions.

The beauty of Astrology is it points the way and then we can utilize the energies to assist us in our journey. Astrology can assist us in evaluating what route might be the best to follow.

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