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The Sun moves into the meticulous earth sign Virgo just before midnight (EDT) on August 23, 2018.

Virgo is focused on duty and responsibility as well as service rendered. Virgos wants to do things just right, have a ridged routine, are disciplined in their actions and seeks to improve on things. Virgo enjoys order and needs things to be in their proper place.

Ask a Virgo for their help and they will make sure that you get all the details, move along with a sense of direction and find a resolution to any problems by solving them in a methodical and structured manner.

Those with their Sun in the early degree of Virgo will be experiencing the transit of Saturn which is in Capricorn at two degrees (August 24). Saturn will be making a trine to their Sun. If you have your Sun in Virgo at approximately five degrees, you will experience this trine right to the end of 2018. This trine will assist you in earth type matters, such as getting your bills in order, correcting any obstructions in the working environment and correlating any business material that needs to be put in order.

You may find under this influence that you can work well within the organization and may even get recognition for your hard work and disciplined action. The houses where Saturn and your Sun are located in will play a big part in defining what areas of life will be affected. Use this time to get things in order.

Those with their Sun in the mid-teens to early 20 degree mark of Virgo in their birth chart will have the transit of Pluto which will be in Capricorn and making a trine to their Sun throughout the rest of 2018, all of 2019 and beyond. This is a long transit. Pluto’s energies want us to go below the surface and to bring anything that needs to surface out where it can be dealt with accordingly. Pluto is sometimes affiliated with the shadow side of things and will transform and regenerate that which needs to be changed or transformed. This could include fears that have been ignored or pushed aside for one reason or another. They will now under this influence be dealt with in a serious manner. These issues should be faced and then basically let go of in order for something new to take their place in a more positive and reaffirming manner. Pluto tears things down so that things can be rebuilt. Some things will perish if this is what is called for.

Take a look at the house positions of transiting Pluto and your natal Sun to see which areas of life are being rebuilt and converted into something more appropriate for what is required at this time. Anything that needs to be torn down or repaired will not escape the energies of Pluto. Virgo will make sure things are done correctly and no steps will be skipped.

Enjoy these energies. Acknowledge that these changes are beneficial, although they may not be simple. Life as you know it will most likely be transformed significantly and restructured in such a way that after the process has passed by, an ending of sorts will have taken place if Pluto is involved and life will be more structured and solidified if Saturn is involved.

Things will not look the same as they were but as you settle into the changes that take place, you will find that they were all positive although possibility challenging (depends how hard you resist). Perhaps you will fight your way through these challenges or perhaps you may allow the events to unfold and you will enjoy the ride; however you handle therse energies, you will adapt to what is slowly manifesting.

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