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SUN IN VIRGO, AUGUST 23, 2017 - Part II (Forecast)

Part I of our Virgo focus was posted on Wednesday, August 23, 2017 and it touched on characteristics and other Sun influences in the Natal (birth) Chart. Today we continue by taking a look at the aspect between transiting Neptune and the Sun in Virgo and its influence.

Those individuals with their Sun in Virgo from about 4 degrees to about 20 degrees have transiting Neptune in opposition to their Sun. The weight of the world may be playing havoc in your life if your sun falls between these degrees in your birth chart. This havoc often results in nervous ailments. You may not have much energy due to not taking care of your health. Some Virgos may experience improver diagnosis of issues or the wrong drugs being prescribed for an ailment. Make sure that you have blood work done so that you get correct diagnosis of any issue. The issues may not be serious as it could be as simple as low iron.

Sometimes life’s pressures are magnified by relationship issues often brought on by third party interference or lack of honesty. Lies and deceit can be part of the process of this aspect, but do not over analyse. Make sure you have all the facts and your mind is not running wild with misinformation. Sometimes confusion is a big part of what takes place with this aspect. Make sure that you ask questions especially as for information from those that you trust. Do not take anything at face value and be sure those you trust are deserving of your trust.

Some lose faith in life under the influence of this aspect and must guard against becoming overly critical of themselves and of others. It is essential to push yourself and stay positive for if you do, this can also be a period of spiritual learning as a result of these experiences. If you choose to join some religious or spiritual group, research the group and the programs they offer before you commit yourself. Again, you could easily be led astray under this influence.

Often times after some type of dysfunction, this transit will act as a stimulator or trigger to spiritual teachings. Some Virgos will initiate a new course of action under this transit and develop a new sense of self through self-realization techniques.

Remember to not be overly hard on yourself when you are self examining.

Remind yourself that the difficulties this transit may bring have a beginning and an end. Hard lessons frequently have a very beneficial end result. Take advantage of the energies present at this time as this will be the only time you have this opposition in your chart. Do not become self-delusional and do not get caught up in what feels like life’s fragmented state. This will pass and the benefits will be a new understanding especially of self. Your goals will be much more clear when Neptune’s transit is complete.

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