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On October 23, 2022 the Sun moves from Virgo a mutable, earth sign into Scorpio a fixed, water sign. Fixed energy is just that, fixed in its opinions, not easy to move from one belief structure to another and trusts in its own decision making.

The Scorpio motto deals with the desire to dig deep and uncover life’s mysteries, to explore the self in particular those things which may be considered taboo, hence its motto, “I Desire” finds its place in the typical Scorpio character.

They are known for being passionate and in some cases even lustful. There are the few that give Scorpio a bad rap. These individuals, however, are the more unevolved known as the Scorpion while the more evolved are known as the eagle or phoenix.

Most Scorpio individuals have a strong, often secretive character and can be quite loyal to those they love. They often have a powerful disposition and deep stare which seems to penetrate deep into the core of others. They likely see more than they reveal, and many have strong belief in things that are hidden. The occult and mystical practice can be high on their list of want-to-know. They are the seekers of truth and will find what they are looking for.

Most are quiet and some are introverted, keeping to themselves, revealing little that goes on within. They make great investigators, psychoanalysis, and in some cases will do well in areas where surgical procedures are performed. Their area of expertise is to uncover the truth wherever it is hidden.

They are ruled by the planet Pluto which speaks to their recuperative abilities and when they undergo transformations it is often total and complete. What once was will be completely changed and the outcome has great staying power.

Happy solar return to our Sun in Scorpio readers.

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