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Do you believe that significant events in life happen by chance? Do you believe little events happen by change?

Are there deeper meanings to these events or are they just coincidence with little, if any, importance?

Carl Jung introduced the concept of “Synchronicity” and defined it as “temporally coincident occurrences of acausal (by meaning not by causality) events.” He also referred to them as "acausal connecting (togetherness) principle," "meaningful coincidence", and "acausal parallelism” according to Wikipedia.

Do not close the door to higher learning and the teachings or messages of the universe. Some individuals believe that synchronicities are one response in our process of evaluating importance. Some believe that synchronicities are extremely relevant and spend much of their time deciphering their meanings. Others do not believe at all in any type of purpose of the seemingly “coincidences” that happen in life.

A healthy approach would undoubtedly be somewhere in the middle. Our minds might take over if we spend too much time analyzing these events, or in contrast we could dismiss something of significance simply because we have decided that we do not believe in synchronicities and we ignore them (consciously or unconsciously) when these occur.

The more we pay attention and recognize the relevance of synchronicities in our lives, the more we seem to notice these events without effort. Staying in the moment and responding to life’s events through positive reaction helps us overcome obstacles. Accepting instead of reacting to life’s events stimulates growth and an overall feeling of peace and gratitude.

All we truly have is this moment and when synchronicities occur perhaps the universal energy is speaking to us.

Why when we leave the house and we feel as though we have forgotten something do we see someone walking down the street with an extra large cooler? We ignore our hunch and the visual message and we realize later we had forgotten our lunch.

There can be times when we do not know which way to turn and suddenly seemingly out of nowhere someone comes along and inadvertently offers advice that is exactly what we are looking for or we read a post that triggers a realization that was perfect for the moment.

Why are there times, that for no apparent reason, we decide not to do something we had been planning on doing because we slept in only to find out after the fact that there had been an accident?

How often do such events happen? If we had recorded each time something like this happened to us, how full would that record be?

Pay attention and recognize that on some level we are being guided and that events are synchronicities and do not happen by chance. At least this is my belief. Each of us has the freedom of choice.

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