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Finding your path is not tied to yesterday. In order to enjoy our journey and utilize each step to its utmost we must be in the moment, with all thoughts of yesterday left behind us. This present moment holds with it all that is required. We cannot dwell in past events, regardless of how significant they may appear or feel. These memories are simply fragments of a time gone by.

Many become caught up in life’s memories because of the false feelings of safety they provide. That which is familiar somehow feels safe. However, living in the past brings sadness and yearning, even despair for some. Letting go can be difficult but necessary to continue on our path. We change and grow through each and every moment. We no longer are who we were yesterday or the day before. Living there no longer fulfils our needs. Who we were then no longer holds relevance to who we are now.

What once was, no longer is and we are building our future by how we live our lives this moment. Our concentrated energies are completely tied to this moment (not yesterday or tomorrow). All that we have or ever will have is contained in this very moment. Nothing but this moment is guaranteed. Tomorrow never comes. Tomorrow can be planned for but can only be realized through the experience of this moment.

Holding on to the past blinds us from our present moment and living for the future steals the value of now.

Release what used to be. Embrace all that is.....right now. We are constantly moving forward yet the moment is perpetual. Be here now. Let all that lived in the past remain there. Have faith that the future will be as it should. All that we truly have and can experience is in the now.

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