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Transiting Jupiter has a cycle of 12 years and then it returns to its natal position in our Astrology chart. Each planet has a return cycle and you can draw up a chart for that particular moment in time when any planet comes back to its original position. You would read this type of chart similar to that of a natal chart but it would indicate specifically in terms of the energies of the focal planet involved in the return to its birth position.

The Jupiter return can be delineated every twelve years (approximately) by looking into the planet’s placement in the birth chart and then correlate it (now in transit) exactly to the same degree and minute to the time in the birth chart.

The house position will be the area of life that will bring opportunities, hope, good luck and expansion into life as these are the energies of Jupiter. Jupiter brings with it an optimistic approach to the areas of life dictated by the house position in the natal chart. This will be an area of growth and expansion. The opportunities for growth in finances are increased, as well as potential good fortune in personal ways and in the occupation with Jupiter. Once again, this is all reflective of the house position of Jupiter, the aspects Jupiter makes within the birth chart and the transiting aspects it will be receiving during the return period.

Jupiter nearly always promotes growth in some fashion or another; the only catch might be if it is in aspect to Saturn. Jupiter pushes for expansion, optimism and good luck, while Saturn pushes for structure and discipline. Saturn is often associated with lessons, delays and shortfalls especially if not enough preparation has been carried out for any given project or circumstance.

There can be expansion issues especially if Jupiter is found in the first house, as weight gain is possible. Over-optimism and grand expectations can sometimes lead to less than expected results. Make sure you also have a look at the house Jupiter rules in the birth chart. The house with Sagittarius on the cusp will also promote all the things that Jupiter offers.

It is important that the energies are used positively during this cycle as twelve years can seem like a long time and the general feeling of good fortune can make the recipient sit idle and do nothing with the energies at hand. It is important that the energies available under this influence be used to build for the future but that it is also enjoyed while it lasts.

If Jupiter moves into retrograde during the return and crosses its natal position several times, these energies will last longer and will enhance opportunities each time it crosses this particular point in the chart. The first contact is usually the most powerful, so it is important that the recipient take advantage of the energies under this initial contact regardless of whether Jupiter goes retrograde or not.

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