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The Kite formation is considered a major aspect configuration in an Astrology chart. It includes a Grand Trine and an opposition from one of the points of the grand trine. At the same time, the opposition, which is not part of the Grand Trine, also makes aspects to two parts of the Grand Trine. This looks like a kite; hence the name.

For example, let’s say that you have a Grand Trine between Mercury in Cancer, Venus in Scorpio and the Sun is in Pisces all within a ten degree orb forming a Grand Water Trine. Mercury is in opposition to Saturn which is in Capricorn and Saturn forms a sextile to both Venus and the Sun.

The focal planet becomes Saturn as it brings tension into the equation with its opposition to the Sun. This can generate activity and a push which might not otherwise be present due to the high degree of contentment found in the Grand Trine. This opposition challenges the Grand trine, inparticular the Sun which Saturn opposes; however, at the same time, Saturn is also in sextile to Mercury and Venus which softens Saturn’s influence and adds opportunity to rectify a situation presented by the opposition.

Often times the Grand Trine is so easy that people refuse to push themselves to develop the talents indicated by the houses and element involved in the Grand Trine. The opposition will create challenges and opposing factors which can motivate the individual into action. The sextiles imply opportunities to help resolve the problem at hand and provide the push to an otherwise comfortable situation.

This is considered a very favourable configuration, better than the Grand Trine which does provide opportunities and favourable outcomes, but it can lack the driving force to push ahead and develop talents accentuated by the planets and element.

The main notable problem stems from the fact that there are actually three different aspects involved in the configuration (Trine, Sextile and Opposition). This can lead to people committing themselves to resolving this problem and allowing other challenges found within the natal chart to slide by the wayside. Too much concentration on any one area of the chart could be considered compulsive and even generate an obsessed focus. It is always suggested that we work on one problem at a time and find a resolution before beginning with something else, but the individual with a Kite formation strongly emphasized in the chart may spend all their time fixated on this one problem.

It general, however, this is considered a very good aspect configuration and provides the trigger to push through any adverse conditions presented by the opposition.

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