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When the Moon is in aspect to other planets in the natal chart, the energies take on an emotional flavour because of the Moon’s influence. The other planet in aspect to the Moon will also have influential energies.

As mentioned, the Moon’s energies are linked to our emotional state which can be reflects in our various expressions, our internal and our external reactions. The connection the Moon is making to other planets will suggest how we release these expressions.

The Moon influences our nurturing instinct, our feelings of security, our psychic and intuitive inclinations and sometimes speaks of the mother or important women or nurturing individuals in our lives. The Moon is primarily related to our emotional vibration and the sign it is found in within our astrology chart will help us to define this.

The Moon is ruled by the sign of Cancer. The energies of the house position within your birth chart will be indicative of a link between your emotions (the Moon) and a specific area of life.

Astrologer, Noel Tyle, suggests that the expression of the Moon is our “reigning need”.

There is a huge difference between someone who has the Moon in Pisces for example and someone who has their Moon in Capricorn. Although both of the signs are linked to emotional connectedness and heightened emotional intensity, Capricorn tends to hide its emotions. In many cases, a Capricorn individual can seem emotionally aloof or reticent. Pisces, however, cannot withhold their emotions and could be considered an emotional vacuum.

The sign and house placement as well as aspects to other planets or important angles play a significant role in how the energies of the Moon play out in our natal chart.

In transit, the Moon moves so quickly that its energies are fleeting and have little impact in our overall lives. However, if we take the movement of the progressed Moon (one degree per month) this influence will play a significant role in our ongoing life’s story. The progressed Moon has an impact in our lives for three months, one degree approaching, one degree direct and one degree in separation. The progressed Moon often speaks of change and emotional interaction and can also speak of our mothers and our involvement or interaction with her.

The progressed Moon may have an influence when moving to a different location. It can speak of changes with our occupation, with our marriage, with our children, with group involvements, with the working environment and people within that environment, with mystical involvement and religious pursuits to name a few (house position).

On June 25, we will continue our look at the Moon’s influence in our astrology chart.

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