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Life is a perplexing game of “what if”, “what can”, “what will” and “who knows”.

We walk our specific path alone although we do have others that share at least a portion of the road with us. Although we are alone in many ways it is wonderful to share our steps with many others.

Some of the important people that walk with us have great influence such as our partners, children, parents, siblings and friends.

We frequently ask, “why are we here”, “what have we come to accomplish”, and so forth.

There are many mysteries in our ongoing journey. As we grow we get answers to some of these questions although often the answers are just for that moment. Life is constantly moving in different directions.

Living our life to the fullest is essential.

We can get caught up on the “whys” or we can learn to accept our life’s path.

Knowing, accepting and using the teachings that come into life serve as great tools and open us to understanding.

Knowing that our focus and our expectations help mold what is yet to come, we can orchestrate our lives in a more rewarding manner. Focus is key to unleashing our potential. We do have special keys to use in this life but knowing this is not enough; we actually have to use them.

Life is magical. Do not get caught up in negativity and fear.

Life is the greatest teacher, and we are its students. Our reaction to life is always in our hands and life goes on even after you think it won’t. Live your life. Enjoy what it offers and experience it to the fullest.

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