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Many open-minded thinkers not only believe but know of the power of positive thinking. There are many who understand and use positive thinking to benefit their daily lives. They understand how thought and focus transfer into physical reality and that our thoughts and focus manifest over time. These individuals carefully lay plans for further growth on many levels of creation.

In the early stages of this process each individual goes through their own personal awakening or understanding of these potentials. There are times in the beginning that there is doubt in the process and this will temporarily hinder our progression. When we veer off course, depending on how far we had blindly followed these negative tendencies, we have to recognize ego’s intent and refocus on the positive to realizing our dreams.

Allow you intentions to focus on the things that dreams are made of. Our visions and ideas will unfold although not always as the exact replica of what we originally visualized. We can certainly recognize the connection or source of our dreams, and more often than not, that which does materialize far outweighs our original hopes. All unfolds as it needs to.

Manifestation is a connection with the whole, a connection with source. Source always knows what is best for our earthly journey. With a little faith, we can release the need for control and simply allow for our greater good. Life always unfolds as it should, even though at times it may not appear this way. Our doubt comes from our lack of true knowledge of our full purpose.

Do not get caught up on the minor thoughts that squeeze their way into our consciousness. Release them as they arrive and know that they do not have enough weight to transcend thoughts into matter. If you have issues with releasing control, take control through positive reinforcement and focus. However, if you can find the strength, have faith and release control all together.

We walk the road of life together. Some will fall prey to ego’s relentless pursuit and this can create havoc in their lives. Others understand the power of suggestion and how it plays an integral part in the process. We can guide our lives through expectations, focus and belief. We are not at the mercy of life. We actually have an impact on everything that happens to us. On the days that it feels as though life has the control, we have the power to change the way we look at these events to turn them into positive stepping stones in our evolutional journey. Focus your attention to what you love about your life, and in so doing, you invite more of the same into your life. Life is a boomerang. What you send out, you receive back.

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