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There are many of us that have had the pleasure of visitations from those on the other side. It is actually more common than you would think. We have been told of many instances of contact from family members, close friends, guides and even strangers. They instances have even been shared by even individuals who claim to be nonbelievers and they cannot explain what they experienced.

It seems that these experiences are becoming more commonplace. Why does the line of connection seem stronger?

It is believed that the human race as a collective group is evolving into a new consciousness. In years gone by, many people may have kept their experiences to themselves due to fear of being diagnosed as delusional. Most people now are more comfortable to speak of their experiences.

Our loved ones are not far away. Many feel this connection and many have shared their experiences of feeling the presence of loved ones as well. Some individuals believe that this is another reality or another dimension in time and space which very close to our own. Those of us sensitive enough to the energies can pick up the subtle vibrations of those on the other side, whatever the other side may be.

Some people have shared their experiences of being with a loved one and witnessing their passing over. These individuals, have shares that there is a sensation of anticipation and almost that something is about to happen. Some have shared seeing a grayish-blue smoky material being released from the body as these individuals pass. Others have shares that they saw a light leave the body. There is no doubt when someone has passed over, as there is an emptiness about the body they have left behind and there is no doubt that their presence or energy is gone.

It has been said that others are waiting their arrival and that those that leave us behind will be waiting for us upon our passing.

Our essence does not cease when we leave this material world.

On our passing, do we then awaken from our earthly life? Do we return to the place we left when we entered this physical life?

It is apparent that we are evolving in consciousness on a global level. Transition is always painful and many feel this shift. We will not truly know what happens upon our passing until we awaken into our true spiritual beings.

Allow the truth to find you, simply by being open and letting go of control, at least on this spiritual quest.

The door opens as we are ready for it to open. No push can make this take place any earlier than when it is suppose to happen. Seeking love and making connections, opens the door to perception. Being open can support connections with our loved ones that have passed over. They are waiting just on the other side.

Live your material life to its fullest. Be open and do not take any short cuts. Live out your life knowing that although life as we know it will end someday, life itself is perpetual. While you are here, be in the moment for the moment is life itself.

Our friends and family are always with us. We are never alone.

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