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Some of us sit and wait for the perfect time to move on our goals. We feel as though there is plenty of time to get things done and do not think in terms of time restrictions or delays. We believe we always have tomorrow and what will not get done today will certainly wait until tomorrow. There is no urgency. There is no rush. There is plenty of time.

We always have tomorrow even if we pass from this world today. We are energy - a current of life that never ceases. If we did not accomplish something in this life time, we were not meant to. If we did not learn the lessons to their full extent, we will enjoy the lesson again in some other form or another.

Life is perpetual but does that mean that we should wait or procrastinate?

I think not! We are here to live so live we should. Our greatest potential lies within this very moment that we are currently experiencing. Should we waste it? Again, I think not!

There is no greater opportunity than now. All we have is this very moment. There is truly no time like the present. To state this even more precisely, there is only this time at the present.

We waste prospects by sitting back and waiting for the perfect opportunity to present itself.

It is said that some things are worth waiting for but does this insinuate inaction? Perhaps we simply need time to prepare. If this is the case, utilize this time doing exactly that….preparing. Perhaps the timing just does not feel right, then let’s use our intuition but do not procrastinate. There is a difference.

If we feel we should move forward with our objective now, then undoubtedly we should. If we feel now is not the time, then perhaps we should wait. Perhaps this intuition is telling us that we have not done all of the necessary prep work before moving forward.

If, however, we have been putting something off for a long time and we keep making excuses as to why we should not move ahead, it is certainly time to examine why. The only thing to fear is fear itself. Do not let fear dictate. If it is fear of failure or a feeling of never being totally prepared, it might just be time to rise above these fears and take that plunge.

We are never at the mercy of life, although we are often at the mercy of our beliefs. We must not let fear stand in the way of our progress and cannot let fear stop us from reaching our goals. The biggest regrets we may have are regrets of inaction. We know instinctively when the time is right if we remove fear and doubt.

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