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Today we are going to take a look at the timing of the outer transits to natal placements in the horoscope.

Uranus, Neptune and Pluto move through the heavens very slowly. Pluto and Neptune only move 1-3 degrees per year. The normal influence of transits of the outer planets to natal placements (The angles) and Planets is approximately 3-5 degrees approaching and then 2 degrees separating.

The influence of these planets is often subtle as they approach and then intensify as they move closer to being direct. When they are within 1 degree to direct aspect to any natal placements in our charts, their influence intensifies and becomes quite apparent. When they are within tight orb, (1 degree or less) look to transiting Mars, the progressed Moon and even the transiting Sun to stir up activity in the areas of life (houses) that are being activated. Transiting Uranus when exact, often creates some action in the area of life that is being affected, even by itself.

These mitigating factors (Mars, Sun and progressed Moon) will make an aspect to the natal planet being affected by the transiting outer planet and activate or cause something to occur. This will tighten the timing factor significantly and is used in conjunction with the solar chart for the year in question to ascertain a common denominator for what might potentially be in play.

You must also take into consideration what other natal planets are connected to the natal planet being transited by these outer planets. If there are other factors in the natal chart, say for example that transiting Pluto is conjunct your natal Venus and Venus natally is aspected by Mars and Saturn, the transit of Pluto will also affect these planets. The influence of Pluto will not be over until it is out of orb with Mars and Saturn as well in this example.

Taking these things into consideration will assist in locating a time when action or internal adjustment might take place. If you use this method it narrows down the time frame even though the effects of the outer planetary influence is in force for the whole period of time, you will have a much better idea of when things might take place or when the energies are increased.

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