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Transiting Jupiter Trine Natal Venus in Astrology

If you have your natal Venus at 18-22 degrees Aries or Sagittarius, you will have had transiting Jupiter in trine to your natal Venus since October of 2014. Transiting Jupiter went retrograde in early December, 2014 and will continue to contact your natal Venus into February of 2015. Jupiter moves out of orb briefly from the end of February until mid-June 2015 and then passes over this area again in June and July. This is a long time to have two fortunate planets in the trine aspect to one another. Trines are blessed aspects especially when linked to these two fortunate planets.

During this period, pay particular attention to see if you also have other planets in your natal chart that are also in these degrees and especially if they are either conjunct, trine or sextile to natal Venus, as this will add to the flavour of this transit and can produce a very positive time in your life. If you have squares or oppositions linked to this configuration, it will take away some of the more positive inclinations that this time might bring.

Have a look at which house natal Venus and natal Jupiter are in as well as the house transiting Jupiter is located in during this time. This will provide you with information as to how this lucky transit might divulge itself in your life.

This will truly be a pleasant period in your life and you may feel you want to enjoy other people’s company during this period. Social gatherings will be quite enjoyable and you will find that these occasions run quite smoothly--just watch for enjoying yourself a little too much. Eating too much and drinking too much might add some additional inches to the waste line and you might not be overly joyous after this transit has passed with 10 additional pounds showing on the scales.

You may find that you feel more lucky than normal and will find enjoyment in bringing a little pleasure to those that matter in your life, even to the point of over-extending yourself a little. Others will enjoy being in your presence and you express yourself with a fun and light-hearted spirit that they find pleasant. You can help lift others if they are experiencing any type of sadness.

This transit especially if the fifth house, seventh house or the Ascendant is involved might bring about a new love relationship into your life. If the fifth house is involved, you might just have a flirtatious, lighthearted involvement, but the chances become stronger for a meaningful relationship if the seventh house or the Ascendant are involved. Check your chart. Many relationships that begin during this transit can be meaningful and add deeper insight into life as well as with matters that are spiritual in nature. This transit aids you in many ways and offers new understanding often coming from involvements with others.

There are also those that seem to find more luck and ease in obtaining benefits with this transit. If the seventh house is involved, this could mean that you will find more luck with your partner and an openness that evolves as this time moves forward.

If the tenth house is involved, you might find that job opportunities seem to present themselves to you or opportunities for advancement in the working environment seem to come your way. Sometimes this transit translates to an increase in your finances or earning potential. Much depends on the planetary links and house placements. You may also find that you want to beautify your environment or may plan to buy a new home especially if the fourth house is involved.

Above all else, enjoy this transit and the opportunities that it brings. This is one of the best transits for love, enjoyment, socializing and gain. Use this transit to expand your horizons and enjoy all the lovely times it offers.

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