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Transiting Neptune Conjunct Natal Jupiter in Astrology

If you have transiting Neptune conjunct your natal Jupiter, you will have noticed an increase in the interest of the mystical side of life as of late. Spirituality may become highlighted and depending on your mental focus and your belief structures, you can experience vivid dreams and visions that are relevant to the world around you. Your insight and intuition might be focused higher, and you will find that you are getting messages from outside of the normal realms of earthly living.

Neptune is tied to spirituality and the psychic realms of existence. Jupiter tends to expand on things. When these two planets form a close link like a conjunction especially when the separation is less than 2 degrees, you will begin to get a clearer picture of the subtleties that life has to offer. If your North Node is tied into this configuration, you will also experience a clearer picture of the why behind the life purpose brought forward into this incarnation.

Neptune is in the sign of Pisces and it entered this sign in April of 2011. Neptune will remain in this mystical sign into the year 2025 re-entering again in 2026 and then staying in the sign of Aries from that point on. Pisces represents the deeper dimensions of life and although its normal influence is quite subtle, you will notice that events involving the mystic side of life keep surfacing. Neptune asks you to delve a little deeper and search out life’s questions linked to spirituality and religious doctrines. Jupiter is also linked to the higher learnings connected to the higher realms of spirituality and these two planets linked will enhance these areas of life.

The opening of channels will occur for those that are ready for this step in their evolution. For those not ready for such steps, Neptune can point towards self-denial, self-avoidance, and even self-undoing often through the use of drugs or alcohol. In less than perfect conditions, Neptune is often linked to avoidance and with some individuals although the door opens wide up, they may choose to ignore this new dimension presenting itself. It may feel as though it is something new but we are all spiritual beings living a physical existence and if we were to dig deep enough, the door to this type of perception is actually a passage way to self-discovery.

To add clarity to this combination, you will also need to have a look at what house is being influenced through this transit and also the natal house placement of Neptune in your chart. This will help you decipher more meaning into the areas of life that will be transcended during the conjunction of these two planetary energies. The conjunction adds emphasis, the square adds some challenge, and the opposition often deals with a relationship and sometimes a confrontation or involvement that eventually brings out more clarity after a period of illusive behaviour.

To uncover the importance of Neptune and its transit through your chart and how it affects you on a psychic level, have a look at other connecting influences and weigh out any significant positions being affected while Neptune and Jupiter are in aspect with one another.


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