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There is a big difference between Neptune in Pisces and Neptune in Aries. This post is written during Neptune’s time transiting Pisces.

Neptune is at home in the sign of Pisces and works well in this position, enhancing the mystical outlets and offering spiritual enlightenment for those that are leaning in that direction.

Your Natal Moon would need to be in the later degrees of Capricorn or the later degrees of Taurus for your chart to be affected. Those with their Moon in early Aquarius and early Gemini will also be impacted by this placement. The sextile indicates easy flow and opportunities, but it gains momentum when you push yourself. Sometimes things fall in your lap but in most cases, you will have to work for the outcome. Harmonious outcomes are quite possible.

The sextile between T Neptune and your Moon will most definitely make you highly sensitive and emotionally interactive with others. You want to share the magic of the moment and are highly attuned to the sensitivities of others. Although this is considered a positive aspect it is still suggested that you have a reality check every now and again to ensure you are seeing things as they are. You may be inclined to put others on a pedestal under this aspect and then be saddened once things clear when you see things as they truly are.

Any negative energy coming from outside sources will be felt and can influence you strongly. Make sure you do not take on other people’s issues and make them your own. Emotions can run deep at this time, and you must learn to separate yourself from other people’s challenges.

Your psychic inclinations are stronger, and your intuitive abilities are enhanced. Meditation would help immensely, and you may encounter psychic revelations, mystical encounters and vivid dreams. You will want to share these with others.

This is a positive time in general and you should use your intuition to guide you but also rely on others when you are swayed by life’s events.

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