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If your Sun is either in Gemini or Sagittarius and in or around 10 degree, you have had Transiting Neptune squaring your Sun. Neptune has probably been in square to your Sun for up to 1 ½ years and I imagine that you have been on occasion struggling with these energies and are getting a little fed up with uncertainty in life. You have probably been somewhat lost and in search for some answers for some time and although previous to this time you might have felt in control of your destiny, you are probably wondering if things will ever clear up.

You may have been experiencing a time of bewilderment in connection with your work which is in a state of flux and goals may seem out of reach. Illusive could be a word that fits the time while Neptune is making this square. You may feel as though you have lost your bearings and even feel unsure of who you are and where your place is in the world. Part of you may feel as though it is useless to even pursue anything out of fear of failure or defeat. You may feel depressed and disillusioned even unsure of what reality looks like. This is a trying period and forcing yourself to fixate on positive reinforcement may be quite challenging.

Neptune in transit can be felt as far away as 5 - 7 degrees by some more sensitive individuals, but will slowly fade away as it gets 2 – 3 degrees past direct. Recognizing Neptune’s tendency to keep things out of focus can help you to understand the forces at work in your life. Life can be vague and unclear and all this uncertainty will make you reach further within for some comfort and solace. Centering yourself and building an inner core is part of the process during this time.

This is a particularly good time to reach out to mysticism and the psychic connection, because although goals and life’s direction may be off somewhat, the mystical channels can open for you, especially if you have other links in your natal chart that identify these latent traits that can now surface. Between the two Sun signs (Gemini and Sagittarius) Sagittarius might be open to such energies while Gemini might not be willing to go the extra mile in order to open the mystical door. There is some restlessness in both signs but particularly so with Gemini.

Above all else your inner sense of self needs nourishing and a focus on positive energy during this cycle in your life. Steer clear of any self-defeatist attitudes and do not run away from any problems you might be encountering at this time. Do not hide your head in the sand. Face life head on and deal with any adversity. Do not sit and waste your energies.

Although you feel as though you want to be by yourself, make sure you are not. You need the help of trusted friends and people that will offer positive feedback to this temporary situation. Their clarity over the situations might help you understand more clearly what is taking place in your life. Stay put in life and know that things will soon clear and that an opening is in sight.

Check to see which house transiting Neptune is transiting through. This will provide you with insight into the area of life being affected. Also check to see which house your natal Neptune is in and how Neptune is aspected by other natal planets. This will give you further information as to what you can expect and how severe things might feel. It will also provide you with insight into how you might work things out.

Things will clear. Just be patient and believe that life will look after your needs.

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