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Neptune during transit can have two distinctive effects. Depending on the aspect involved, Neptune can be deceiving or vague, blurring reality and allowing us to be lost in the illusion of what appears to be or it can bring spiritual insight, alignment with the psychic realm and intuitive revelations.

When in trine (most favourable aspect) to the Sun it can bring indicators of finding your path through psychic interpretation and discoveries into yourself which would not otherwise be available. Meditation allows insight and an inner knowing of why we are here, opening doors to further awareness and understanding.

Our goals in life can also be revealed and the true nature of the why behind this incarnation can express itself. This can be a period of deep inner reflection and revelations through an awareness of other worldly influences. This is by no means a fly-by-night adventure because Neptune in transit can have a lasting effect after the transit is over which may last up to 2-3 years depending on when it transits into retrograde and goes direct again.

The trine aspect indicates easy flow and opportunities although the belief in such things works wonders in comparison to someone experiencing this trine who does not believe in the mystical realm. Even those that do not believe may experience influences that they cannot define in ordinary terms. We feel during this aspect rather than intellectualize.

After this transit passes many never look at life through the same lens that they did prior to this period. We may have been taught the more relevant concerns in life and made a connection to other realms of existence. Be open to experience and meditate as often as you can. This opens doors and reveals much deeper insight than at other times in life. The door is now wide open but it is up to us to venture in.

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