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We are writing this post in November of 2020 and Pluto is currently around the 23/24-degree mark of Capricorn and moving as far ahead as 26 degrees almost 27 degrees into April 2021 then going into retrograde motion where it stays until October 2021.

Pluto’s energies transform and regenerate and often suggest that an end of sorts is on the horizon. Of course, there will need to be other factors in the Astrology chart suggesting something similar. Pluto seeks to change things that no longer are suitable for our evolutionary quest. Quite often we will get nudges along the way which prepare us ahead of time of what is approaching.

Pluto is an outer planet (yes I still refer to Pluto as a planet) and as a result often brings change and disruption that in many ways appears out of our control. Pluto linked up with Saturn at around 22 to 23 degrees of Capricorn in January of 2020 intensifying the energies as they merge as one. We all know what unfolded around that time. If you had planets aligned natally at that time to this connection, you would have been influenced by this conjunction and likely in a very powerful way. There is nothing that would be considered half-way about Pluto and there is likely to be some struggle about steadiness and the need for change which will cause disruptions.

Venus has to do with love and affection and is also related to the finances. Venus is also connected to young women or women in general. The Moon is more representative of the mother than Venus so unless you have the Moon in aspect at the same time, the woman that might be involved is likely not your mother. Venus also has to do with socializing and when connected to Pluto the likelihood of transformations involving gatherings may unfold.

Venus is a very social planet and represents our ability to be hospitable and even generous. If linked with Jupiter in the natal chart, the generosity part of this aspect is generally increased and a jovial and often carefree and open attitude is part of the natal profile for those with this aspect interacting with Jupiter in their birth chart.

If love and affection is part of the picture under this influence, the square often suggests that there is a testing period especially when Natal Saturn is involved. If things are not subject to transformation, the potential for an ending of sorts is likely. Squares usually imply obstacles to be overcome and stressful conditions are at hand; however, they also suggest that due to stressful conditions, we are pushed to make changes or life itself presents us with the necessary change that is a requirement for the soul’s evolution. We actually need stressful aspects in order to propel ahead in life.

What takes place will depend on the houses involved. We must look into the house transiting Pluto is moving through as well as the house where Transiting Venus is located to get a clearly picture of which areas of life are involved. If, for example, the second house is part of the picture then finances and security issues are likely part of what is taking place. If it is the fifth or seventh house involved then partnerships, either marriage partnership or romantic partnerships, or it could also have something to do with your children, which is fifth house related.

You should also have a look at the natal placement of Pluto and Venus to see if they are connected. The natal profile must always be taken into consideration when delineating transits. The whole chart and its transits will jointly relay the information for any current life events.

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