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Transiting Pluto Conjunct Natal Venus in Pisces

If your natal Venus is in Pisces, there is a love of idealism and a fascination with the mystical side of life. You have a very lofty idea of what love should be and may find that you often put those that you love on a pedestal. Love is a dreamy connection and when in love, you fantasize what love is—it is beautiful, it is wondrous and it is magical. Pisces is a wonderful placement for Venus, the planet of love and affection.

When Neptune transits your Venus, the potential to fall in love is much greater than usual. You fall in love with the idea of love and you believe that romantic relationships are made in heaven and are selfless in nature. Neptune glamorizes the affections and builds on the love nature. When in love, life seems boundless and incredible, almost too good to be true. This is a danger with any Neptune transit in that it glamorizes and places a veil over life situations. You may not always see what is truly there. No worries, however, as there is something that is real about the situation and when the transit is past its influence, you will view the relationship much clearer. The individual involved may not be all they appeared to be under the illusive influence of Neptune, but there are still good qualities linked to them.

You will, of course, have to have a look at your overall chart to see what other influences were affecting this love and affectionate sign of Venus. Sometimes you will meet the ideal mate, but most of the time you will have a clearer picture of who they are after this influence has waned somewhat. It is wise not to make any commitments during the Neptune/Venus aspect, but you might find it hard to refrain. You can easily fall in love and the picture seems perfect.

Neptune and Venus also point towards an ability to create magnificent works during the stay of Neptune. The creative process is enhanced and you will make your creation from realms not accessible under normal conditions. Any kind of art, poetry and mystical writings will be enhanced and you could do some of your best inspired work during this time. Take advantage of this period and see what you come up with. It will surely be inspiring and majestic in its potential.

Watch for being drawn to “victim” situations—either being the victim or helping someone who appears to be the victim. Remember under this influence nothing appears as it is. Often there is a veil of uncertainty and clear thinking needs to prevail.

You may be drawn to charities and work where you can spread your love in areas that need this. There is a great desire to help and create peace and tranquility in other people’s lives. You may be the perfect person to do this.

Since Venus is sometimes associated with things of beauty and also the financial state of affairs, these areas are also highlighted during this aspect, and you will feel fine about spending your money on things of beauty and can easily buy luxury items during Neptune’s stay. You may also want to beautify your home and surroundings (either internally or externally).

You may be drawn to places by the sea.

Life in general is more gentle and easy flowing when Venus and Neptune are in conjunction. You may feel richer than you actually are and you will have to address your spending habits during this conjunction after it has passed.

Above all else, Neptune and Venus will stimulate the love nature and bring out selfless attitudes about many of your life conditions. You can learn a lot about giving and your own personal love makeup during this aspect.

Take notes during this aspect as they will assist you at later points in time when your Venus in Pisces is stimulated once again.


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