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Transiting Pluto square natal Mars is a very volatile combination as the energies linked to both planets carry a lot of force with them. Pluto’s action is often aggressive in its manners and will push you to make changes although these changes are usually favourable in the long haul. It wants you to transform power issues and either you are the agent of change or others can be the agent of this change.

Both Pluto and Mars in Astrology have ego related issues and power struggles.

If, for example, you have transiting Pluto moving through your sixth house and Mars in the ninth, there could be power struggles involving litigation or issues with someone you work with. This co-worker does not have to be a superior but they may be trying to get the upper hand. You may feel the need to stand up to this person. Perhaps changing some of the rules within the working environment might be part of their agenda. Perhaps they are trying to implement some change to things that does not sit well with you, or other co-workers for that matter.

It might even be personal in nature and perhaps involves religious doctrines or some type of higher learning. Perhaps this individual suggested to the superiors that certain people within the organization need further training and they want to be part of this implementation. The ambitious spirit is at work here and what they are suggesting might involve some type of power over you specifically.

Mars and Pluto together can even be a dangerous combination. Tempers can flair and arguments can break out. In most cases, this will be ego oriented. Someone is trying to pull a power rank over you and gain some type of control, or in the contrary, you may be the one initiating this and others are objecting to what you are trying to do. If this is the case, perhaps you should talk it over with your co-workers and take in their advice before you act. If you can solve this in a gentle manner, things might work in your favour. If you push the issue and do not think about the effect this might have on others, you will most likely have some opposition.

Be careful while operating a motorized vehicle at this time, especially if Uranus is involved in the equation in your chart. Acting on impulse, or when you have been involved in a disagreement or argument, is ill-advised. As mentioned, this can be a dangerous combination and accidents can occur under this influence. Take your time. Make sure you give yourself time to think things over and cool down before operating a motorized vehicle, particularly if there has been a heated argument. This aspect is often about rushing and not taking the necessary time before acting.

Use the energies properly and harness them in such a way that you can make progress with the situations at hand. There is much energy and drive at this time. You can accomplish a lot and make great strides with this energy. Recognition for hard work is possible and advancement on some level is also possible. Use these energies for the betterment of those around you and see where it takes you. A gentle approach, if at all possible, is always advised.

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