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While Pluto is in transit it can have profound effects on any planet, angle, and luminaries. The luminaries and angles have the most intense effects often altering our life in significant ways. The houses involved and natal aspects to these positions play a prominent role in the areas of life involved along with the energies associated with the other planets and aspects they make to the natal positions of the planets or angles involved.

Pluto is about transformation, regeneration and in many cases absolute change of direction. Pluto can do this in intense ways over time. It often suggests an ending and a new beginning. It should be noted that something often must be finalized before something new begins.

Pluto can be powerful in its action and can create intensity and often turmoil and confrontation or power struggles. When in trine with another planets or angle the intensity is still be quite strong and produces desired results even when it may not always look that way initially.

Mercury has to do with the mind and is associated with communication, teaching, listening, schooling on some level, but is highly associated with the process of thinking. Mercury needs stimulus to become activated.

When Pluto makes a trine (120°), there is often an opening of consciousness where ideas or external stimulus create potential for a change of direction within the conscious or unconscious mind. All outer planets open doors which promote a route to where we are meant to currently travel in life.

You may find you can advance yourself with the help of those in positions of authority or those in the know. It will be up to you if you take advantage of this. Sometimes what takes place or begins unfolding seems out of your hands and you may have to let life lead. Under the trine aspect it will be important to pay attention to what is being offered and view this from the proper perspective. Watch for the mind power-tripping or having a know-it-all attitude as others CAN assist in the process.

This will be an important period. Take notice where life is taking you or suggesting that you go as time unfolds. T Pluto’s movement is slow and the story will gradually unfold.

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