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The square between transiting Neptune and transiting Saturn has been in effect since May of this year (2016) and will remain in effect until October. Saturn has been retrograde and will turns direct on August 13. The wane is in effect into October. During this five month period, the square can directly affect your life especially if you have these two planetary energies in aspect in your natal chart. Even those that do not have this aspect in their birth charts will feel the subliminal effects of the Neptunian energies of spirituality and the alignment with the higher sources linked with Saturn (the task-maker and builder). As you can imagine these energies together have struggles aligning their energies. Saturn has to do with reality and focusing on energies in constructive earth-type activities. Neptune deals with the less tangible and works in direct correlation with spirituality, intuition and psychic inclinations and the imaginative side of life.

Neptune suggests that there will be higher ideals set in place. Saturn suggests that the core foundation has to be built on stable ground if any of these Neptunian high-minded ideologies are to be fundamentally sound and have any lasting qualities. This could be classified as a testing ground for reality and the rational mind which is being established through spiritual alignment and the mystical approach in a solid structured way of living.

Saturn brings clarity to our maze of heightened awareness often associated with Neptune. Although this aspect is a square, the potential, after some struggle, for more clarity is quite profound, if you approach mysticism in a realistic and orderly fashion. You must adhere to ways that hold Neptune in sync with Saturn’s need for unobstructed and clear vision. In other words, do not let your mind drift towards directions of deception or cloudiness and maintain a firm grip on reality, realizing real and tangible results from the mental consumption of varying aspects of intuitive insight. You can recognize truth if you take a real and honest approach.

Although your objectives may be a little unclear and it may be very challenging to deal with everyday affairs, let alone mystical pursuits, if the groundwork is in place much can be discovered and put into practice once this aspect has been conquered. Make your life as simple as possible and stay true to your beliefs even though they may seem challenged from time to time during this aspect. Seek out the connectedness in all that surrounds you and challenge the “life of form” and any limited concrete belief structures that you have put in place.

This is an opportunity to lift the veil of uncertainty and find greater truth. It should be understood that any aspect can be molded to suit each and every situation and belief structure into something more tangible and reliable. All aspects whether natal or transit can be utilized in positive ways to help provide you with strength and the ability needed to conquer any of life’s situation.

If you find that your views are pessimistic or unapproachable for some reason, take the time to review the situation as well as your own personal philosophy. By doing so, you can set things straight. Neptune provides you with the insight to achieve any of your pursuits as long as part of the process reduces the effect of ego. There has to be consideration and assistance for others. Saturn provides the stable environment to achieve these things. This is the time, maybe not without a little struggle, to find insight and align yourself with the higher purpose you have been brought here to rediscover.

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