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Transiting Saturn has just entered the sign of Capricorn and will remain in this sign for approximately 2 ½ years. Saturn is at home in the sign of Capricorn as this is its natural ruler. Saturn deals with business associations and those people of authority or of expertise. Saturn rules discipline and structure and builds solid foundations over time often after periods of challenging conditions (the “lessons”).

Saturn in the sign of Capricorn and connected by conjunction to Jupiter could indicate added responsibilities in the working environment, although could also indicate being noticed by those in positions of authority. If you have been meticulous at your job, you may get recognition and even the potential for an increase in wages.

Jupiter likes to expand on things and when hard work has been applied and those in positions of power recognize it, you may also be in line for promotion. Jupiter tends to bring with it good luck although with Saturn, it will imply hard work and often some struggles in getting recognition. Keep working towards the betterment of your business and you can get noticed under these conditions.

Much will depend on where this conjunction takes place and a lot of what we have been talking about could come to light if the tenth house or even the sixth house is where this conjunction is located. If we are speaking about the second house conjunction then finances although somewhat tight may slowly begin to change and saving for a rainy day would be a perfect place for this energy to pan out.

If you happen to make a purchase you will likely be torn between being overly critical about what to buy and feeling as though you could afford most anything. Part of you will put a dampener on this purchase and this is probably a good idea. In the second house or eighth house, you may find that joint finances can become more secure as long as you are disciplined enough with your money. You may also find that the finances tighten up considerably or a loss is possible. Have a look at any aspects between these two planets in your natal chart, or other planets making connections to this conjunction both in the natal chart as well as with the transits. This will tell the story. The natal promise always has to be determined before you can make a correct conclusion.

Attitude and patience will be the lessons associated with this combination. Remember Saturn always has a lesson attached to its energies and although this lesson may not be easy, its final outcome might be worth the pain (often suggested with transits of Saturn).

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