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For those born between 1998 and 2012, there is a conjunction between transiting Saturn and natal Neptune. These individuals were born with Neptune in the sign of Aquarius, and many have already experienced this conjunction in their lives (Saturn is currently around the 11 degrees).

Saturn will remain in Aquarius until 2023, so we will look at this conjunction from an Aquarius point of view. It should be noted that some of this information applies to any conjunction between Saturn and Neptune regardless of the sign Neptune was in at the time of your birth. It is also important to recognize that this conjunction will most certainly affect people in different manners depending on their age. We are focusing in this post to those born in the early degrees of Neptune in Aquarius.

Aquarius’ energies focus on seeing the bigger picture and teaching us about collective principles, such as being righteous, honest, generous and open to universal truths (all concerns of humanity). Aquarius is about continuous learning and teachings based on these principles. Saturn will enforce study and collective learning because of Neptune’s influence. The two combined will also teach us about reality and the art of selflessness. When this transit has completed, you will likely recognize that spirituality has been taught and likely also challenged. The aim of this transit is to help you to see what is concrete in your life from a spiritual perspective.

Saturn does not work overly well with many planets and much of what unfolds during its influence will depend on the condition of Saturn in your natal chart (challenging aspect or positive aspects). How it manifests will depend on its general condition in the birth chart as well as other mitigating factors that may be affecting your chart at this time.

In some cases, this combination can produce somewhat undesirable moods as your outlook can be gloomy or tainted during this transit. Confusion and self-doubt are often by-products, as your confidence can be low. You can become uncertain about what is taking place in your life. Reality can be contaminated by what you are thinking, by what you are taking in and you may find some things upsetting. This could be termed a “reality check transit”, where you will have to define what in your life is worth hanging on to and what now needs change. You will be forced to understand what you have manufactured through your imagination or through your misjudgements.

What needs to be challenged? What needs to evolve?

The value in this transit is that it will instill inner security and help you learn to rely ony our own resources after you have swept away the debris.

The material world may not be held on as high a degree of importance as it once did, and you may replace many of your goals for material gain into goals that hold greater relevance. Your view is subject to change and may find that you wish to take in as much as possible about the spiritual side of life. You will likely be more in tune with your inner requirements, and material concerns just do not hold as much importance. You need something more and this is what may draw you to the spiritual side of life.

This may not come easy as there are times when you discover that what you deemed important in the past seems pointless and irrelevant now. You search for something deeper, and self-discovery may be a big part of the process. This may be challenging at times because you might not like what you see initially but understand that before you can rid yourselves of these qualities or issues, you must first realize that they are there. It is best to move slow and understand that some of your views are a little cloudy under this aspect. Making changes is okay if you do not go overboard. In some cases, it is best to be the viewer rather than the doer, at least until you get a clearer picture. Once you come out the other side of all this uncertainty, life could be quite different, and you will likely have changed. This can be a great growth period after some initial struggles.

Remember to enjoy the ride regardless of what takes place. Your attitude can make this stressful or it can make this an easier ride. Life is always a learning process and your approach to life’s issues is in your hands.

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