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Saturn while in transit often presents us with challenges and lessons. It can often hamper advancement from a professional perspective. Much will depend on the house that Saturn is transiting through and the sign that it is in.

At present, Saturn is in the sign of Capricorn which often points towards professional obligations and duties. This would be enhanced if for example Saturn was in the tenth house or sixth house in your chart.

Saturn wants us to work for our rewards and will push us and teach us perseverance and responsibility. When in opposition, quite often someone else is influential part of the picture. Perhaps someone is pushing us or perhaps they are standing in the way. In many cases, oppositions are considered a challenging aspect. It can indicate that those people involved are what make us push ourselves even harder. They may be a hindrance but a beneficial one. Because of them, we might feel that in order to achieve what we are trying to do, we have to try harder and not let anything come between us and what we want to achieve.

The Sun in some ways is similar to Mars in that it is often associated with our goals and the push we might have in reaching these objectives. The Sun can speak in terms of inner drives and ambitions and, depending on the sign our Sun is in, will be the way we propel ahead in terms of these aspirations. Since Saturn is in Capricorn and is in opposition to the Sun, the Sun in our post today would have to be in Cancer or late Gemini or early Leo depending on when you read this post and the degree that Saturn is in at that time.

Those with their Sun in Cancer are often home bodies and the family is very important to them. They have a need to nurture and care for others and are often considered very sensitive to the vibrations and experiences around them. If Saturn is in opposition to your Sun in Cancer you may be experiencing some challenging conditions linked to the family or perhaps the home. Alternatively, there may be obstructions from an emotional perspective linked to the working environment or your occupation. Much will depend on what house your Sun is found in within the birth chart.

If, for example, your Sun is in the fourth house and Saturn is in the tenth house, there could be some challenging conditions linked to the home and work. Perhaps one is more demanding than the other and you have to decide how to spread your time fairly. Perhaps your occupation is creating difficulties at home and you need to stop bringing working issues home with you. Perhaps there is the potential that you might lose your job in turn affecting the home environment and your sense of security. An extensive review of the natal chart and other transits will help define how this opposition is playing out in your life.

Although oppositions are said to be demanding and challenging especially when we are speaking of Saturn, if you take the time to see what lessons are in place for you to learn, you can move through this adversity and grow from it. Saturn often provides challenging conditions in life for us to gain strength from and eventually Saturn can create a more suitable condition which promises more stability and structure for the future. Much depends on what you choose to do with the energies at hand and how you handle them from an emotional perspective.

Let’s see how this pans out over the long haul and be sure to do your due diligence. Remember to acknowledge how this might help you over the long haul.

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