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As a bit of a background, Saturn in retrograde often works different than most other planets when in retrograde. Normally the planetary energies are withheld during retrograde, while Saturn (who’s energy is normally restricted) is quite the opposite. Some consider its retrograde energies like the energies of Jupiter. Saturn’s energies, which are normally withdrawn, are now softened. When Saturn is direct in motion, its energies are restrictive and disciplinarian and the urge to make deliberate plans of action are restricted and stifled.

T. Saturn makes things difficult especially when in direct motion and a square to Jupiter often denotes a time when plans are thwarted and very limited. If you want to achieve while this square is in place, you will have to work diligently and will likely feel limited with your progress. Saturn will test your resolve and will require a review of how your life is progressing, especially in areas related to business ventures and finances. Your career options may also be under focus and people in authority will be watching your every move. Be sure you do not skip any steps. Taking on too many projects is never suggested when Saturn is involved and most certainly not when Jupiter and Saturn are in square with one another.

Saturn & Jupiter were in conjunction at the start of the pandemic about 2 years ago which we discussed in previous posts. Although we did not know about the virus specifically indicators were in place that we would be experiencing a challenging period. A Square will bring issues out into the open and expose challenging conditions to intense scrutiny and observation. Your resolve will be tested and if you did not look at it from every angle and make sure that everything was completed according to the best set of standards, you may have to cut your losses and begin anew. In seven years, things will once again be tested as Saturn will then be making an opposition to your Jupiter and if things are not working now, it is wise to just begin again using an alternate means if the initial plan did not work. Oppositions often suggest that other people are involved in the equation.

During the square, Jupiter, which is all about expansion and freedom of movement, will be harnessed and tested. The desire to move out into new directions does not sit well with Saturn and you will be wise to make sure that before you move ahead you take the necessary measures. If not you will be stifled and held back in your objectives during this aspect. Obstruction and agitation, along with anxiety, may all be part of the process, but the end result if you make sure that you crossed all the “T”s and dotted all the “I”s should be worth the effort. The foundation that you build during this time will stand the test of time and be built on solid ground.

It is often suggested that you wait until this transit is over before you make alternate plans or begin new projects. There will be far less obstructions and fewer obstacles to overcome.

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