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Transiting Saturn turned direct October 11, 2021, in the sign of Aquarius at 6 degrees. It will remain in Aquarius until March 2023 when it moves into Pisces.

For the trine between transiting Saturn and natal Neptune to be part of your chart at present you would have to have your natal Neptune in Libra. Those born between 1943-1957, have Neptune in Libra however Neptune did move into Scorpio during this time frame. This post would apply to those with Neptune between 6-29 degrees in the sign of Libra. Saturn moves between 6-25 degrees in Aquarius and then goes into retrograde in June of 2022.

Saturn is known as the task maker of the zodiac and is associated with building structure in our lives through diligent effort and often not without some type of hindrances. Hard work is often related to Saturn’s energy, but with a persistent effort much can be accomplished. Saturn can solidify what has been challenging us but will help by brings reality into the picture when we are dealing with Neptune.

Neptune on the contrary is the planet most associated with the mystical approach and is known to be associated with the psychic realm of things. Neptune does not have structure like Saturn. Neptune is considered illusive and mysterious. Neptune is otherworldly and can create illusions or visionary interludes in our lives.

When Saturn and Neptune are in trine, Saturn insists that we look at life as it truly is, not through rose-colored glasses as Neptune often does. The two planets together can bring us firmly down to earth and at the same time offer insight and inspiration to what we apply to our life’s path. There may be questions as to what is real and what is not real, and we will have to put forth effort to uncover what needs to surface. The energies are working in our favour, and we can come up with viable conclusions to what we seek to discover or realize.

The houses transiting Saturn is moving through as well as the house natal Neptune is placed in will provide you with the areas of life involved. You should also check the placement of Saturn in its natal position. This is usually a favorable position as trine energy suggests easy movement and opportunities. Reality sets in and how you use these energies will define the path moving forward.

Some astrologers suggest due to Saturn’s delayed energy that 2 degrees past direct is when Saturn is at its peak. Saturn often speaks of responsibilities and obligations to meet and there may be duties to perform to bring about the best results. Take advantage of these energies if this is part of your chart. Use these powerful energies to direct your life’s path appropriately.

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