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Most trines suggest easy flow and opportunities, however, with Saturn in transit there is a degree of challenge. Saturn always indicates hard work and a disciplined effort. The trine from Saturn may suggest fewer obstacles but still some effort.

It is important to recognize the difference between Saturn in direct motion and Saturn in its retrograde motion. Saturn is the only planet that while in retrograde its energies are more favourable than in direct. A direct aspect from Saturn produces hard work and is a testing period with obstacles and delays.

Saturn in retrograde often produces less obstacles and opportunities that can produce a solid foundation that stands the test of time. Opportunities are more evident, and the outcome has a greater chance of success although it will not come without hard work and no corners can be cut. Saturn’s rewards can be quite satisfying. If you don’t put forth the effort, however, you will not reach your objectives.

Saturn is the teacher of the Zodiac and when connected to the Sun it can speak of working on yourself to make changes, setting higher standards and the “how” on moving forward.

The Sun can also reflect our energy and health. When in trine with Saturn, the Sun can indicate a need to look after ourselves from a physical perspective but at the same time the trine helps us to achieve what we set out to do. The Sun is who we are internally and our life objectives. Often the sign and house positions give us clues to the path we will take and the avenue of expression we decide to use. With a trine from Saturn our path may be clear and concise.

When it comes to internal changes we must take an honest look at ourselves especially if the Ascendant is also tied in somehow. We can review what we objectively realize and come to terms with the matters at hand to make the changes to attain a higher inner perspective or whatever we wish to honour.

Saturn can help with the decision making especially if Mercury is conjoined with our Sun or if either planets fall in the 3rd house. If one is in the 3rd and the other would be in the 7th house, our reflective insight may have to do with relationships or business ventures. This is a very real placement and what we see is often very precise and correct unless Neptune is in challenging aspect to this position. As always, much depends on the overall condition of your Natal Sun and the aspects related to this position.

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