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Uranus’ is a very revolutionary planet as its energies seek freedom of expression. Uranus’ energies have a strong desire to be removed from anything that has gone stale or no longer serves a viable purpose. Uranus’ energy acts in an unexpected manner, and we can never be totally sure how it will react under pressure.

Under most conditions, the area of life being affect by Uranus is the house it is transiting through especially in the retrograde cycle. There is often a feeling that something has to change or be shaken up somewhat before its actual expression is activated. Quite often we get warnings of necessary changes in the area of life under review and then when it turns direct either we make the necessary changes or life makes things happen for us. If we choose to do nothing then life will often take a leading role and quite often it is not overly pleasant in its expression when the energies are forced upon us. Things can happen on the spur of the moment, suddenly, unexpectedly, without warning. With Uranus, we can expect the unexpected.

When a planet is in retrograde, the energies related to the planet and the house(s) it is transiting are stifled or held back. The energy is turned inward and a time for review is at hand. It is a time to re-think things, to re-do things and in an attempt to repair things, we can prepare for when the energies are released and then move forward in the new direction of our choice. The best time to move forward in our objectives is when the planet goes direct. Transiting Uranus went direct recently on January 11, 2020.

Uranus suggests that this is a time for inner reflection not only with our life but on a more personal level – the level of “who we are”. It often provides us with more freedom of expression and we just want to be who we are, or the new person that is evolving. This is particularly so if Uranus is retrograde in our birth chart. (Any planet that is retrograde in the birth chart becomes more powerful when it turns retrograde through transit.)

Uranus is known as the awakener and especially so when it is moving in its direct course. What is being achieved will be dictated by the house Uranus is transiting through in our chart. We should also have a look at the natal placement of Uranus by house and also by aspect as this will give us clues into how things might unfold. As with all of the outer planets, Uranus will make suggestions along the way but it will often create a reaction with little or no direction from us.

Life happens and things change. Uranus will be the initiator behind these actions, but remember regardless of how drastic and challenging the conditions may be, Uranus always provides us with exactly what we need. The end result is beneficial.

As Uranus goes direct, this will often be the time when these areas of life that are involved will be motivated to move towards the new, to make necessary changes but can be in disruptive ways but these disruptions will only be short lived. Do not spend any time worrying about how things might manifest, as Uranus acts on impulse and without warning and often releases in ways that we cannot be prepared for.

Some people fear changes. Those who are more evolved, or open to the new, know that when the timing is ripe and change is necessary, it should be welcomed with open arms. Uranus will take us where we need to go, so be open and listen. We will know which avenue to take, if life does not dictate, that is.

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