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Venus, in transit, takes over one year to complete its cycle around the Sun. It takes approximately 18 months from one retrograde period to the next and its retrograde cycle is approximately 40 days in length.

Many have Venus conjunct the Sun in their birth chart as it is never more than 48 degrees away from the Sun.

Venus is a feminine planetary influence and is linked to the sense of touch, material things and love. It has to do with kindness and politeness and adds a flair for wanting to be around beautiful things.

When Venus is direct in its motion, its energies want to manifest harmony, peace, beauty and love. When it is retrograde, its energies are the reverse, often taking on energies similar to that of Mars. With this retrograde influence, we can becomes more aggressive and the drive may still be towards gaining material abundance although when it is attached to business activities, its influence is often to slow things down or even move into reverse for a while. Check you chart to see if Venus is in retrograde or direct motion. This will define how the energies will be released when activated.

Venus when in conjunction to the Sun will only have a lasting influence of about 10 days unless it moves into retrograde. If this is the case, it can last much longer. Much will depend on the energies of other planetary influences during the same period when Venus is aspecting your Sun.

This Astrologer only uses the transits of outer planets to natal Venus as the energies are often far too short lived to make any significant changes to one’s life (when using the energies of the inner planets). However, Venus’ cycle will still have an impact on what takes place in your life but its influence will be quite short lived.

You will find that the feelings of affection are increased and your sensitivities are also enhanced during this aspect. You may want more social time with others and you will express yourself in a comfortable manner. Venus and the Sun usually go together very well and unless there are other mitigating factors making challenging angles to this conjunction, it generally is quite favourable. You may feel inclined to go out and enjoy yourself, and to look after your own needs. You may find relaxation in what you enjoy and the challenging conditions in life may be swept away at least for a while.

Sometimes with this aspect, you will need to make things happen. Other times, things just seem to flow your way however. Sitting back and waiting for life is never a good idea. Take life under your wing and have some fun.

You may run into someone that adds meaning to your life at this time. This applies to both women and men, but Venus usually indicates those more female in nature. Women, in general, may be lots of fun to be with now. This aspect affects both men and women although the women seem to enjoy these energies a little more than men.

Venus is also about creativity and artistic abilities. You may find that pursuing anything along these lines which can facilitate these abilities may work in your favour. The energies flow well into these areas and you may find that you enjoy this part of your life more now than usual.

Starting a new project might be a good idea and make sure that you surround yourself with visual complements that help you settle into things. Beauty is important and you can create wonderful things during this short stay with the conjunction between Venus and the Sun.

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