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When we look at transiting aspects to Taurus Natal Sun our first focus would be transiting Uranus which is making a powerful conjunction to those born with their Sun in the mid-degrees of Taurus. (Currently April 2022, T Uranus is at 14 degrees Taurus). On August 24, Uranus moves into its retrograde cycle at almost 19 degrees Taurus.

T. Uranus, known as the awakener, will push those with this influence to make changes, seek new and different objectives and perhaps act in a bohemian manner which can catch others by surprise. They may make sudden changes to their path in life and the directional change can have profound effects as time passes. This can affect their path in life and their relationships, occupational directions, new and different ways of presenting themselves and moving away from anything that has gone stale or offers little in the area of evolution and new understandings.

Much will depend on the area of life that is being stimulated through the house position in the natal chart. Oppositions can create similar events but in most cases other people are involved and the change of direction will stem for these people that are part of the picture.

T. Mars and T. Jupiter will make sextiles to the Sun in the Taurean’s chart. Sextiles speak of opportunities and easier flow of energy. It will be up to the Taurean to act on the impulse of Uranus, however. Many will fight change due to Taurus’ fixed energy although it certainly looks like change is on the horizon. Taurus likes what is reliable and steady and does not do well with unexpected and sudden change that Uranus as well as Mars can bring. Taureans may fight the desire and push to change direction. Moving in a new direction may be frightening although after the challenge to move ahead is overcome many will find that the move was what was required.

Those with their Sun sign in the later degrees of Taurus will also be experiencing the trine from Pluto. Pluto speaks of dynamic change and leaving the past behind to move in a more suitable direction. Some will feel at the mercy of life at this point and feel as though there is no choice. We always have input into what unfolds and our attitude towards life’s events is always in our hands. Much of what happens will depend on the houses involved.

Many of these transits look positive in nature but it will still likely feel difficult to make the moves that will be required.

To our Taurean readings, Happy solar return!

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