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Undercurrents of Life

When you look at the world around us, do you feel lucky to be living the life you live? Are you fortunate to be living under such relative calm when we listen to the news and the atrocities experienced elsewhere in our world? Many parts of our world experience constant unrest. People die needlessly and encounter violence on a daily basis. Just for a moment, imagine living under these conditions – experiencing the struggles these innocent people are confronted with on a daily basis.

Picture yourself living in one of the more poor nations struggling to find your next meal. We could have easily be one of those people, yet for some reason we find ourselves living in our little corner of the world enjoying countless blessings that are taken for granted by many. Yet, some still complain that their assistance (whatever this assistance may be from all of the safety nets we have in place) is not good enough. How petty are these issues in comparison to that which those in the developing counties endure? Perhaps the next time we complain that something is not quite the way we think it should be, we should put our circumstances into perspective and celebrate all of the freedoms and fortunate we experience daily.

We certainly are the fortunate ones and we have to remember this when we are experiencing one of life’s struggles. In most cases, we can make choices to alter our life’s courses. We have freedom of action and freedom of choice. Should we not be thankful for our lives and offer hope to those around us? Send those that are truly in need your prayers. Offer them assistance in whatever way you can. Be of help and spread love in every corner of the world that you touch.

It begins with you. You create the ripple effect. Never underestimate your part. Every act regardless of how small it is can have a reaching effect. Live from your heart. Spread your love. Meditate on world peace. Help those less fortunate wherever them may be. Give them a smile, a minute of your time, financial support – the options are endless. There is plenty you can do when you love!

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