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Planets in retrograde do not operate at their full potential in general. In many cases, it is a time to reflect and plan around the energies of the planets involved. When they turn direct again, we can then use the information gathered during the retrograde cycles to proceed. Today and January 14 we are going to focus on Venus and Mercury in Retrograde.

Venus has been retrograding since December 19, 2021 and will move from 26 degrees Capricorn back to 11 degrees Capricorn. It goes direct once again on January 29, 2022.

Venus often has to do with love and affection and sometimes this represents an important female in our lives. This is not the mother unless the Moon is part of the profile during this period. Friendship, warmth and friendliness are also under the energies of Venus as well as social events and festivities which involve people that we care about.

During the retrograde cycle and especially during this pandemic, we may find that it is difficult to engage in gatherings and attend social events. In some cases, this Venus retrograde cycle speaks of love and affection with loved ones seemingly being stifled or even withdrawn. The mind can go to extreme places due to the lack of affection or with feelings of despair often surfacing under this influence. This can be tough on anyone but especially challenging to our younger generation and our children. People are not normally solitary beings and need enjoyment and to engage in social gatherings.

Venus moving through the sign of Capricorn often speaks of financial concerns and business-related matters. Venus in Capricorn under normal conditions often suggests a state of solidification and stable conditions in these regards, especially if other indicators in the chart suggest the same. During this retrograde cycle, we may find (if our chart is being afflicted by this retrograde cycle of Venus) that our financial situation or business concerns will be stifled and making ends meet may be difficult. Finances may be dwindling or uncertain at this time and buying big ticket items is not a good idea. It is best to wait until this retrograde cycle is completed.

Again, we will look at Mercury retrograde on January 14, 2022.

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