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Does it feel like you are at a standstill?

What is causing this lack of progress?

Before you point a finger at someone else take a close look to see what it is that you might do to change the direction of your life. Is it someone else who is holding you back or is it your ego that is playing the game of “It is not my fault!”?

If you feeling as though you are at the mercy of life, perhaps a change of attitude is what you really need. Perhaps a change of mindset and a little push from complacency might be in order.

If you honestly believe that someone in your life is holding you back then step past their influence and stand on your own. Perhaps a new direction is what is called for. Perhaps breaking free from this individual is what is needed. This is not to say that when life is holding you back that you break free and run. You may, however, have to make your own way.

In most cases, we stand in our own way. The changes or new beginnings that you are in search of can come about with ease if you change your outlook on whatever you see as intrusive.

Your ego’s schemes are often what stands in your way. By following these negative suggestions, you are your own stumbling blocks. You can overcome and change direction when you change your outlook. You are in command of your life, your reasoning, even your future direction. Ride the wave but stand tall in the face of adversity and claim your rightful place in life. You can only do this when you take responsibility for your life. Take the reigns!

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