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You may ask yourself, “what lies ahead for me?” Where am I going? What does the road ahead look like for me?

You may ask, “What am I looking for?” The answer to this question could also be the answer to the first couple of questions.

If we are searching of riches and monetary gains, at one point in our lives we will either reach this goal or we will have experienced a real sense of lacking in this area on a mental level, regardless of how much we have managed to attain. Remember much depends on the way we focus our intentions.

Do you feel as though you experience monetary shortages in life? Are you focusing on your shortages and live in a constant attitude of “wanting”? Alternatively, are you comfortable in your pursuits and already feel satisfied and filled with gratitude for all that you have?

Remember this can describe anything that you are actively seeking and your attitude and expectations will manufacture whatever it is you focus on. You may not reach the exact end result you want to achieve but you will find something that fulfils your goals and for this you will be content.

There will, as in everything in life, be lessons along the way. The lessons will reflect your definition of what it is you are in search of. The lessons will also reflect whether or not you actually believe that your dreams are available for you. Our belief structure form our reality over time. It is so important to recognize and accept that this is part of creation in our lives.

For those in search of growth in areas not pertaining to material wealth, the rules do not change. It is important to recognize and acknowledge where you have come from. From there we can monitor and acknowledge growth on whatever level we are experiencing our growth, recognizing it for what it is and then being thankful that it has been provided to us. Acknowledging the gifts that are presented us in life will open the doors for more of the same. Remember appreciation and acknowledgement brings more of the same. No different than focusing on shortage places us in a place of shortage. We receive and experience whatever we have placed our focus on.

Our goals in life appear in the same form as our searching, but may appear on many different levels of understanding. Reality manifests in close proximity to where we place our thoughts but spirit always knows what will suit our growth best. We are always in alignment with our higher goals and our pursuits unfolds as they should. There may be times however when it might appears as though we have slipped somewhat off our path. We are never off our path and almost immediately when we questions we should be able to recognize that we are continuing along that original path just as before.

Do not believe in shortage for you will manifest lacking. Review the abundance that surrounds you daily. Express your appreciation for the miracles you experience…..then watch where life will take you!

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