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Yod or Finger of God in Astrology Part I

The Yod or Finger of God is an astrological configuration that requires two planets to be in sextile with one another and then both of these planets inconjunct to a third planet. The orb should be no more than 5 degrees in separation and the tighter the orb the stronger the emphasis is on the focal planet. The focal planet is the single planet receiving both inconjuncts from each planet in sextile to one another. For example, if Mars and Venus were in sextile to one another and they both inconjunct the Moon, the focal planet would be the Moon.

The focal planet’s sign placement defines the way in which the energy of this force needs to be corrected or re-experienced. The energy of the focal planet (in our example the Moon which deals with emotional expression and needs) suggests that there is a need for emotional or mental re-adjustment, as inconjuncts are about adjustments. The house placement of the focal planet is the area of life which needs to be transformed and this is where the transformation will take place.

The focal planet is a very delicate point because the inconjuncts produce subconscious or hidden tension, which often surfaces as physical or psychological issues until these problems are resolved. This focal planet describes our calling or mission in life. It often feels as though our calling with this focal planet is fated as it is something that needs developing. The negative ramifications must be released and let go of permanently. In turn, this will make way for the maximum manifestation of this configuration to take place.

The far midpoint of the two planets in sextile is considered an energy point and when activated through transit along with the focal point, the energies are released and an opportunity (which is indicative of the meaning of the sextiles) is manifested.

Upon releasing the negative energies, one will experience a new way of being and often produces heightened intuitive abilities and mystical experiences. This is particularly strong when the midpoint between the two sextiles (30 degrees from each planet in sextile) contains a planet. This is known as a Tetradic Yod.

As the Yod is so in-depth, we will continue our explanation on Thursday, September 18, 2014.

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