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For those that question reincarnation and are open to this potential perhaps this little piece of insight might open the door a little. Ask yourself, “does this feel like the first time around or do you feel as though you have some insight into the workings of life”?

Are you in some way at least in part the orchestrator of your life?

If you have an open mind allow your imagination to have a part in what comes next. Let’s say that this is not your first time here and you may have experienced several other incarnations under many variable options. If this has potential what have you learned previously (now an innate understanding). What are you here to learn now?

Why have you come at this stage in time as it is believed that we can return at any point in time ahead or back since time exists only in the present.

Are you here to teach or are you here to learn through experience and the teachings/example of others? Likely a little of both.

If you believe in this potential or are open to it, what are you capable of (due to the information and experience gathered over time)?

What can you do with your life that you are not doing as yet?

Many believe that life is a lesson in service and if so, what are you here to provide?

How can you manifest or take part in the overall development of mankind through your own personal actions?

It does not have to be on a grand scale, or it might be, but what can you do to facilitate growth in positive terms?

The possibilities are endless as is your potential. The only restriction in life are our thoughts that say we are not capable. Step out of the mundane and without expectations see where it takes you. You will likely find assistance along the way, but you must go beyond the ideas that say no. You must believe in yourself and push a little. Once you push a little, you are on your way!

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