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The road of life can be littered with potholes. We do our best to elude the majority of these potholes but some are just too large to avoid.

Although these conditions can feel extreme, everything has a solution even if that solution is simply coming to terms with it.

We can often feel at the mercy of life. We can even feel exhausted at times and question if we can deal with the task at hand.

Hold on to your core beliefs. Put those tools in place that you have practiced just for these times. Have faith in yourself and your abilities. Acknowledge that your inner foundation is built on solid ground and cannot be shaken regardless of the pressure from outside forces. You have the ability to deal with any life condition. Nothing comes your way that you are incapable of dealing with.

Stand tall! Know your inner strength and be resolute in your commitment. You will prevail. You can persevere. The only restriction that can stand in your way is your attitude.

Dig deep. Ask for assistance from your guides, higher forces, friends, family or a professional. Know that you are never alone and that what you need is always at your disposal. You are strong and have what it takes to deal with all conditions. Believe! Expect to see this through.

This is your life to live! Live it with vision, understanding, and purpose.

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