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Your financial state does not determine or reflect your state of being. You are not defined by how well off you are or what material things you own. Many get caught up in defining their self-worth by what they own, or how big their bank balance is and some look down upon themselves because of their distorted perception of their own self worth. Our material worth has nothing to do with who we are in spirit. There is a far bigger picture than our worth on paper.

If you have come into this life to become wealthy and gather material possessions, you should determine the reason that your soul may have chosen this life. Part of the purpose may be to teach you lessons behind resources and possibly change your perception on riches. You may also have determined before you came into this life that this was a perfect route to take to reach your objectives this time around possibly in the area of fellowship. Finances or the lack thereof can play significant roles in our evolutionary quest, but these do not define us.

The more we believe that our sole purposes is monetary alignment and financial success and if our attitude is “I want more”, we will never be satisfied and will always be in a state of wanting. There are many, although rich by definition, feel as though they are lacking in financial terms. There are those with few material possessions that do not feel as though they are lacking and are quite happy living under the conditions that they do. Financial success does not bring happiness and its rewards are nearly always a temporary state of being. Our attitudes alone are what make us feel fulfilled and abundant.

Finances may be relevant with our perspective of living comfortably and there is nothing wrong with achieving success in life, but it should not become an obsession. Money is not the root of all evil as we have been trained to think over centuries. It is our perspective on money that may hurt us. In the world of those that are truly “living”, finances are secondary. When we pass from this world, we leave it all behind. During life, funds can bring physical comfort and less worry as far as primary survival is concerned but do not be deluded into thinking that wealth brings happiness. Those with few material possessions can experience true happiness just as easily as those with excessive material possessions. If we place too much importance on the financial state of our lives, we will fail to see the natural beauty that surrounds us and the abundance at hand. We will fail to experience “everyday living” that carries with it comfort on a whole different level of understanding.

For most of us, we have not come into this life to acquire material things just to pass away and let them go. Seek out the deeper meanings behind your existence and let go of your concern for financial success. This opens the door for abundance on many levels and an understanding that the true rewards in life are not of a monetary nature.

What makes you rich?

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