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This is the last astrological placement of the zodiac. Pisces is said to contain segments of all the previous signs and may be our final step in our earthly evolution, depending on the level of awareness attained in this lifetime. Pisceans are known to be dreamy to those individuals who are less sensitive and prophetic in their nature. Pisces individuals display signs of psychic ability and have mystical leanings. There is something far away about many Pisces individuals and they seem to intuitively sense the emotional undercurrents that surround them.

Piscean individuals are usually very compassionate and sensitive people. They have a soft spot for anyone undergoing life’s sometimes difficult experiences. They also have concerns for the underdog and go out of their way to assist others in need. They are extremely self-sacrificing and some can become vulnerable to the harsher side of life. There are those that would take advantage of their caring nature and exploit them. As these individuals mature, they sometimes learn hard lessons from the “users” in life and eventually learn to discriminate between those that genuinely require their help and those that just take advantage of their kind heart.

Those with a strong Sun in Pisces simply need to have a purpose. They need a sense of worth and a driving force to push them towards their goal of spirituality. Life's lessons are understood as being prerequisites in this journey and many will martyr themselves for the sake of others. If they become caught up in unfortunate or misleading adventures in life, some will resort to the use of alcohol and drugs to escape the hard cold facts that life can dictate. Some resort to living in an imaginary world of their own and build walls of protection so their extreme sensitivity is not invaded.

Many have a creative flair and music, the arts and creative writing are just a few of the boundless areas where this magical force can be expressed. When in love, they love deeply and are considered selfless and will orientate themselves in service to others, on a high level of spirituality. When in focus with their inner journey, they feel on purpose and the intuitive side can reach mystical proportions. Many develop psychic abilities as they mature into their role in life, although some become lost in confusion. Often sparks of the imagination can run rampant if not kept under control. The imaginary qualities linked to this sign are the motivating factor behind their driving force towards a spiritual connection and their inner strength as long as they are in focus.

Life’s lessons often include finding their mission, creating a sense of self-worth and a meaning to their lives that goes beyond self. Through meditation and the practice of selfless living, many will reach heights unimaginable for those on a more physical, material journey. Pisces has been linked to the purity in spirituality and we can all learn valuable life lessons through this often misunderstood sign.

Pisces is ruled by Neptune and the twelfth house.

Amethyst is the stone associates with Pisces.

Other stones associates with Pisces include Ametrine, Aquamarine, Bloodstone, Blue Lace Agate, Fluorite, Kambaba Jasper, Lapis Lazuli, Smithsonite, and Turquoise

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