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The Moon

The Moon is the ruling planet of the sign Cancer and is also affiliated with the fourth house.

The Moon represents the mothering instinct and is linked to the feminine energies within each of us. The Moon deals with primal emotional needs. It is where we nurture ourselves and take care of ourselves on an emotional level. It is where we feel safe within, where we emotionally react to life problems and also find the answers. It provides us with a safe haven, a comfortable and secure emotional foundation that feels like home. It is where we can go and reside in a gentle manner away from the intrusive forces of life and secure a place for ourselves when in times of strife. We could call this the emotional home or safe haven.

Feelings of security are linked to the Moon and along with the second house can provide the deepest emotional support that all of us so fundamentally require. The Moon sign and house position depict our emotional reaction to outside stimuli in our lives.

For example someone with the Moon in Taurus or in the second house, will find emotional security through building a foundation often based on material gatherings and monetary comfort.

Someone who has the Moon in Pisces will secure this emotional structure through an interaction with the higher sources and will find peace through communication with spirit and an inclination to psychic linking and intuitive perception.

The Moon also rules the basic habits we form in the formative years. It has to do with our upbringing and often relates directly to the most nurturing parent and how they provided us with early support in childhood. The moon is linked to the past and memories from the past and also how the past has affected us in our world today. Many are tied to how their life was comforted through mothering and taking care of their emotional requirements.

While the Sun has to do with our ego and will and conscious selves, the Moon has to do with instinctual response on an emotional level, letting go of the ego and its intervention, and the unconscious mind.

The Moon is responsive, reactive and instinctual. It often deals with our inner selves and our emotional being and our sense of self-worth.

The Moon is our deepest emotional self and describes our needs, our emotional wants and how we emotionally react to the world around us. The Moon is our mothering side, our nurturing side and our response to the environment. This mothering and nurturing response to the world deals with how we tend to not only ourselves and our emotional needs but also how we tend to the needs of those that are important to us.

In its positive responsive state, it fosters emotional interaction, sensitivity and the need to assist others on an emotional level, providing us in turn with self-assuredness also on an emotional level.

The Moon is our nurturing requirements being met and then our natural response the world around us in times of need. It fosters emotional kindness, emotional sympathy, emotional compassion and love.

In its more negative expression, the Moon has to do with feeling of unworthiness, self-insufficiency, emotion worry, excessive emotional responsiveness and a general feeling of anxiety about the world around us.

The Moon by sign and house placement and aspect delineation will define the emotional life's reactions, the emotional state of being and the emotional instinctive reactions to life itself. We should also check to see the Moon’s element (Air, Earth, Water and Fire) and modality (Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable).

The Moon is depicts our emotions.

It is the ruler of Cancer and is affiliated with the Fourth House.

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