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The Sun

The Sun is the core to our identity. It is the principal and dominant part of who we are. The house placement and Sun sign determine who we are and our life’s purpose at least in part. The ascendant also has its part in this along with the North Node and its sign and house placement.

The Sun helps us define our life’s purpose and is our creative life force that pushes us on our intended path. The Sun is the will to live and is also linked to our vitality. If it is well aspected in the birth chart, this will go a long way in offering a healthy and long life.

The Sun is the driving force behind our personality and is depictive of the internal individual seeking to follow a life path, represented by the sign and house. The Sun along with Mercury helps us reason and they are linked together forming the conscious mind. There is a lot linked to determining our actions through the mental process and the Sun helps us determine what course of action to take. Along with Mercury it describes our final decisions and the conscious efforts that come to pass in finding and uncovering which road we should take.

The Sun describes us. It is our basic identity and although it can be filtered by an emphasis in our chart (such as Sun in Capricorn and five planets in the fifth house or in the sign of Leo) it will still resonate with who we are internally and our true identity remains intact even with strong placements within the birth chart. It could be defined as your best self, the one who resides within but also the one you are becoming.

Properly directed and used in its most positive affirmative actions, the Sun is focused and determined and very self-directed. It is linked to the ego and when well-adjusted will provide us with internal fortitude and self-confidence to take us almost anywhere.

When the Sun is poorly aspected and out of alignment (poor aspects do not signify a negative response, only challenges put in place for us to conquer) it can make us willful in a detrimental manner, extremely self-centred and condemnatory when judging others, seeking out their faults and weaknesses.

The Sun is our driving force, our vital energy and is directly linked to our deeper purpose and part of the reason we have arrived into this incarnation. Seek out the positive and affirmative actions that are depictive of the Sun sign and along with the North Node find your purpose and the push behind your incarnation to create a core and central figure that you will totally resonate with on every level.

The Sun representing the inner self.

It is naturally ruled by Leo and the Fifth house.

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