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The Imum Coeli more commonly known as the IC is usually found on the fourth house cusp (depending on the house system used by the Astrologer). In the equal house system, it can also be found in the second, third and fifth houses, which will alter the influence of its meaning. In most house systems, the IC is found on the cusp of the fourth house indicating a parent, arguably either parent, but in this Astrologer’s opinion, it involves the more submissive, mothering, caring parent.) The fourth house cusp or IC also deals with the home, the family and your roots.

It is known as the basis or foundation of our life and although this area of the chart is considered quite private, it still has a dominant affect in our lives, especially when transiting planets make aspects to this area. It should also be understood that this highly influential area while in aspect will not only affect our home and family (fourth house matters), but will also affect the opposite end of the spectrum, the MC (10th house matters). Transits to either of these areas of the Chart will affect the opposite ends of the Chart. So when the home and family are being affected in our lives and security wavers, it may be due to demands from the MC, which deals with one’s status, occupation and ambitions.

When either the IC or the MC is receiving a conjunction from a transiting or progressed planet or a luminary (the sun or moon), the opposite will be receiving an opposition. When one of the IC or the MC is receiving a square from a planet or luminary, the other will also be receiving a square. When one is receiving a trine, the other will be receiving a sextile. Hence the impact of a transiting planet or progressed planet will affect both areas of the Astrology chart.

The IC describe our most personal needs, as it is connected to the natural sign ruling the fourth house, which is Cancer, ruled by the Moon. As a result, it defines emotional needs, nurturing characteristics, and our attitude towards family. It will be colored by the sign ruling the fourth house cusp, as well as any planetary links found within the fourth house, particularly when a planet is conjunct within 2 degrees of the cusp on either side. A planet or luminary within four degrees in the third house will also affect the IC.

If, for example, Uranus were conjuncting the IC, it would be in opposition to the MC. We could, as a result, expect changes sometimes drastic in nature to the home and family, such as a move and influences in our occupation and status in life. These changes could be of a rather sudden nature and a need for freedom and breaking free in order to create change would be on the agenda. Much would depend on the overall conditions of Uranus in the birth chart and its location by house and sign.

The IC and MC, particularly in early life, depict incidents linked to the parents which in turn will affect the child. This parental influence on a child shifts as we mature. The influence widens in such a way that we are no longer just influenced by the parents that dictate our lives, but we are also now affected by an extended version of the family and our place in the overall structures of life.

Much emphasis is given to the MC and the Ascendant in an Astrology chart. We also, however, have to consider the IC and the DC when deciphering what impact planetary movement will have in our lives.

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