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The snapshot of the heavens at the moment of birth is divided into twelve sections which are referred to as houses.

There are several house systems but we will not be discussing these here. For now we will go on the assumption that the house system used is Placidus which is the most commonly used house system in modern (Western) astrology. Equal house and Koch, in this Astrologer's opinion, would be the next two most common house systems.

Each house represents a specific energy or area of life where the planets are located.

The first Six Houses are considered to be personal Houses, while the last six Houses are considered more universal in their nature, connected to spiritual learning, the occult, higher learning and social conditioning.

You can now combine how a planet expresses itself through the sign it is in together with where the planet is located (which house it is located in which represents an area of life) .

Remember that even this is only a portion of the equation as we have not touched on the energy of the planet itself or the aspect it is making to other planets. These will be discussed on pages yet to come on our website.

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