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About Us

Peter Holm is an Astrologer, a teacher of Astrology, an intuitive card reader, a life counselor, a Reiki Master, a Practitioner of automatic writing and certainly a lover of life.

Peter Holm’s passion for Astrology began to develop in the early 1980’s when he was advised by an “other worldly message” that he could be an Astrologer if he so wished. From the moment of that message, there was no looking back.

Peter still continues his studies today some 38 years later as the science of Astrology is an endless study.

Upon retiring from his “job to support his family”, Peter Holm nurtured and developed Holm Astrology into a reputable business but most of all, into a vehicle to fulfill his passion to help others

Peter Holm wanted to share the knowledge that he has accumulated over the many decades and as a result of the “push” by several of his clients, he began to teach Astrology. Please see our calendar for dates of upcoming classes.

A primary must in Astrology is the understanding that you cannot confuse an Astrology chart reading with the general information contained in a typical newspaper clipping or online sentence that speaks and predicts so generally for each Sun signs. Astrology is so much more than our Sun Sign. You may have your sun in Gemini, for example, but if you have several planets in Aries or several planets in the first house of your chart (ruled by Aries) you will relate far better to the qualities of Aries than you would with the characteristics of a Gemini sun sign as in our example.

As a child, Peter Holm spoke frequently of spirits and issues that were not openly received at the time but he had someone in particular who listened to him. Without this positive influence, his gifts may have been stifled as they are with so many others that are told that they are “being silly” or they are told to “stop lying”. He is thrilled today that the world is become far more open to life beyond this material existence.

As he has matured, Peter Holm has grown into himself and his gifts. He now is in tune to people’s energies and the quite voices of his guides and those spirits that have advice and information to pass on.

Peter utilized the use of oracle cards to conduct intuitive readings which can be carried out in person or over the telephone or in your home as a group party (each participant's reading is done privately). Oracle card readings can also be combined with Astrology chart readings which brings two tools together to provide an even more extensive experience.

Peter Holm’s focus is to assist those that come to him on their journey.

All of the tools at Peter Holm's disposal are there to help others…through self understanding, ensuring that they are aware of the energy available to them which in turn allows them to recognize and utilize the energies available to its fullest.

He offers guidance when clients are overwhelmed as we can become so caught up in the experience that we become blind to our tools, the lesson and our focus.

Peter offers healing energies so that clients can trigger their own healing process, physically, mentally and spiritually.

He receives information through automatic writings which is passed on as food for thought in his Blog.

Peter Holm believes that if we do not stop and take a look at ourselves from time to time, we become complacent and stagnate.

This life is a gift. Let’s live it to the fullest!

* * * * * * * *

I've just had my CTI reading (Combine Traditional [Astrology Chart] Intuitive [Card Reading]) using astrology oracle cards and my birth chart done by Holm Astrology. Peter very clearly and precisely drew out the characteristics and aspects of my past and my present. He painted a picture of who and more importantly why I am!! He then presented my future -- he has amazing intuition and knows how to present the information to ensure I understood the path ahead. Thank you Peter -- you have a wonderful gift!! CK, Barrie, Ontario

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