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The Second House

The second house is naturally ruled by the sign Taurus and its planetary ruler Venus.

This house governs such things as monetary structures including possessions and finances. It is considered a house of material structure and provides you, if well aspected in your natal chart, opportunities to accumulate material abundance and in turn provides material security.

The second house also deals with security on different levels, such as emotional security. If this house is well aspected, it delivers inner feelings of security, although quite often this security comes from knowing that your finances are in order. If this house and its ruler, which is defined by the sign on the cusp and its planetary ruler, (for example if you have Aquarius on the second house cusp the ruling planet would be Uranus), is under stressful aspect, then the second house would be under developmental pressure.

If planets in this house or the ruling planet of this house have challenging aspects, then often the individual will have issues about personal worth. Anxieties in this area of life will become increasingly evident and the individual will have to confront these issues and undergo some transformation to gain insight into why they feel this way about themselves. If left unchecked, these apprehensions can mature into traumatic life issues that hinder the person in their overall development.

Another way this energy can be released, if challenging aspects hinder this area of life, is through issues dealing with your own personal finances. The person can experience shortages and have to work diligently to overcome these deficiencies. It should however be noted that even if a house is under stressful conditions in the natal chart through careful deliberation, concentrated focus and in general, hard work, one can overcome any conditions found in the birth chart. All challenging aspects are stepping stones to achievement and often push the person to work harder than most, thereby achieving greater success in their life.

If the second house is well aspected and has planetary links such as Jupiter or Venus well aspected in this house, there is potential for an easy life, with more financial opportunities than with the average person. If Pluto is in the second house or for example favourably aspects Jupiter or Venus in the second house, the chances for financial abundance and security in life are highly accentuated.

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